Sunday, October 30, 2011

But I Can Still Have Pizza!!!

My cupboards and fridge are nearly empty which can be a nightmare for someone trying to lose weight. The reason? Take out tends to be high in calories and fat making it impossible to find anything with nutritional value...except maybe pizza. Really? Pizza? YES!! I did some research on the nutritional value of my favorite, Papa Johns. I was surprised to find that a thin crust Garden Delight pizza (220 KCals per slice of a 14" pie cut into 8 slices) has less calories than a Pizza Hut Veggie Lovers (240 KCals per slice of a 14" pie cut into 8 slices). Thanks goodness because I like Papa Johns so much more!! I ate 2 whole slices and part of another for a total of 550 KCals!! I did cheat a little and had the yummy garlic dipping sauce with my pizza (150 KCals per serving) which made my dinner a total of 705 KCals including a packet of the special seasoning. So yes Cynthia, you can have pizza!!


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